The Transformative Power Of Thinking About Your Thinking

Dan Sullivan
4 min readNov 5, 2020


There’s a big age gap between me and my next oldest and next youngest siblings. So, on the farm where I grew up in Northern Ohio, I spent the first years of my life without any playmates. When I dealt with anyone, it was with adults.

Very early on, I developed the ability to talk to adults by learning how to ask questions of older people. I also spent a great deal of time alone, walking through fields and woods.

What came out of these experiences was a new way of thinking that would give me a unique advantage in life.

Thinking about your thinking.

I might have been about six years old when I realized that I could actually look at how I was thinking; I could watch, like a movie, what my brain was doing, and I could change how I thought about things. Looking back, it was a valuable skill because I was reacting and responding to adults who had experiences way beyond childhood experiences, and I was constantly being introduced to things that I didn’t know existed in the world.

When I got to school, I noticed that a lot of the other children were just thinking about the things in their lives because they were surrounded by material objects, and our world is a physical environment. They thought about the things in their lives and the people in their lives, and in school, there was thinking about thoughts, but they were more or less the thoughts of other people.

What was missing in all of this, for them, was metacognition, or thinking about your thinking.

When people would say something to me, however, I’d respond, “That’s a really interesting way to think about things,” and that could bring up questions like, “What if you thought about it this way instead?”

These are the skills that I now use as an entrepreneur coach.

If you’re a business owner I’m working with, I get you to think about your thinking. I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’ll lead you through a doorway where, once you’re through it, you can think about your thinking in a way that you never have before.

Benefits of a renewed way of thinking.

When you think about your thinking, you identify all sorts of better ways to think about things, better things to spend your time thinking about, and better things to focus your energy on.

You don’t have to be told how to do this; what we do at Strategic Coach is introduce you to your thinking. Then, you’ll make the best possible choices out of your own consciousness.

Every 90 days, Strategic Coach Program participants have protected time away to focus on their business instead of in their business. They spend a day among their peers, with an entrepreneurial coach to guide them through concepts and thinking exercises that stimulate their thinking and give them a big-picture view of their business and their future.

Everyone’s thinking includes a vast amount of past experiences that the proprietary worksheets and tools in the Program provide access to in a way you’ve never had before. These powerful thinking tools shift your mindsets to be more successful and productive and allow you to see things in an entirely new way.

Expand mindfulness and expand your life.

Every individual is unique in what they think about and how they think about things. Thinking about your thinking is part of growing and expanding this uniqueness.

Some people are immediately resistant to thinking about their thinking, while others are almost ecstatic at the idea that they can do this. I’ve noticed that, invariably, when people think about their thinking, they automatically gravitate toward having a much bigger future.

You can get a better return on your experience and a better return on your creativity without gaining new knowledge — all you need to do is gain the tools to help you think about your thinking.

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I hope this article triggered some new ideas, projects, initiatives, and thinking for you and your business.

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