Proven Goal-Setting Tips for Entrepreneurs

A goal is a vision.

100 books in 100 quarters.

3 goal-setting tips for entrepreneurs in 2021.

  1. Start by visualizing yourself at the end of 2021. What’s going to be true about you as an entrepreneur at the end of this year? What will be true about your business? Your personal life?
    These questions will help you clarify what you ultimately want to achieve in 2021 and who you want to be. It all goes back to that first tip — creating a vision, not a goal.
  2. Use The Impact Filter. This is our most popular thinking tool at Strategic Coach, and it serves many different purposes. I recommend completing an Impact Filter for every goal you have.
    This will help you clarify:
  • What the goal is
  • Why it’s important
  • What difference it’s going to make
  • What the ideal outcome is
  • The best and worst results
  • The success criteria



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Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan


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