Becoming Totally Cash Confident

The following is an excerpt from the book Total Cash Confidence by Dan Sullivan.

When you decided to be an entrepreneur, you took 100 percent responsibility for your own financial welfare, and this will never change. It’s your way of life.

But if your way of making money as an entrepreneur is unpredictable and anxiety-inducing, then it’s more like a life sentence.

The only way to do entrepreneurism well is to have total cash confidence. When you do, you’ll free yourself from unpredictability and anxiety in your moneymaking.

Never really sure.

There’s something truly weird about the world of entrepreneurs: so much of what gets discussed is their constant uncertainty about future cash flow.

But the way you think about your own situation can be radically different.

You’re an entrepreneur, and in the world of being an entrepreneur, there’s no such thing as going too far into the area of being a unique individual. But you have to set up the conditions where you get rewarded for being a unique individual.

And you can’t do that by comparing yourself to, and engaging in competition with, anyone else. It’s impossible to operate uniquely if you’re always comparing yourself to others and trying to compete with them.

Comparison and competition are a denial of individuality and uniqueness.

You can decide to embrace your uniqueness and individuality, and entirely avoid the game of competition and comparison that leads the vast majority of entrepreneurs to living their lives with uncertainty and anxiety about cash flow.

They’re anxious; you’re not.

All of the anxious entrepreneurs out there simply don’t seem to understand where all of the biggest and best cash flow comes from.

They think that cash confidence means having a certain amount of money. But there’s no amount of money they can make that will get rid of their anxiety about cash flow.

You see, cash confidence isn’t having an amount of money; it’s a way of making money. It’s a system you can adopt, and it means that you can focus on finding innovative solutions in the marketplace instead of just offering the same thing as everyone else and competing over price.

Why you’re so different.

Most entrepreneurs don’t innovate at all. They take something someone else has created and try to outsell their competition. They usually attempt this by lowering their price, because that’s the only way they can think of to set themselves apart.

But whereas these entrepreneurs think about money in terms of unpredictable, competitive products, services, and pricing, your approach to continually creating and expanding cash flow can be entirely different.

Your whole entrepreneurial relationship to money can be in a completely different universe — a universe of innovation and value creation.

Deeper than the money.

The best entrepreneurs’ value creation model is about who their best clients and customers are, what those people aspire to, and what the entrepreneur can do, along with other entrepreneurs, to help their clients and customers reach their goals.

With this approach, you become so confident about cash flow that you never have to worry about where it’s going to come from in the future. You have an amazing entrepreneurial capability that’s far more deeply and permanently secured than getting paid; you’re forever freed up to focus on something far more important for your future success and growth.

You’re going to be incredibly more successful and valuable to the best kind of customers and clients in the marketplace than you would be if you toiled anxiously in the traditional product- and service-selling competitive world.

You won’t have to spend your time and energy in uncertainty about having enough cash flow, and you won’t have to pay close attention to what other people are doing so that you can see how well you’re doing in comparison with them.

There’s a formula you’ll use that will result in your continually getting bigger, better, and more valuable to the unique individuals you want to be a hero to.

Sudden new understanding.

The cash flow system you’ve been developing and expanding for many years — in truth, actually, for your entire life — is simply the by-product of your 100 percent understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur in the 21st century.

The more time, attention, and energy you spend thinking about your customers and clients — what are their dangers, opportunities, and strengths? What are they trying to achieve in their world? — the more value you’re creating, and that gives you more cash confidence.

The big step is recognizing the only thing that matters: how other people see their future and how you can help them with that future. The more time you spend identifying and clarifying what your customers and clients want, and then helping them get it, the more your cash confidence grows.

Those who take this approach have a very different relationship with the marketplace than competitors do.

Entrepreneurs with total cash confidence have ever-expanding futures and reach new levels of collaborative teamwork.

It isn’t about out-working or outsmarting anyone else; it’s all about being smart in relationship to a unique and specific network of clients and customers who are also always getting smarter and whose visions of their futures are always getting bigger.

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