In our Strategic Coach workshops, entrepreneurs are able to share resources with the most brilliant minds in business. From our workshops, we’ve compiled a list of 50 client-recommended titles that touch on all things related to well-rounded entrepreneurial success, including longevity, health, finance, personal expansion, and business growth.

Strategic Coach…

I’ve never agreed with the statement that the customer is king, because there can only be one king, and that means that everyone else is a servant or a subject.

I’m not a servant or a subject. There are no monarchs in my life.

The way I see my entrepreneurial…

Every business owner dreams of having a company that runs itself.

When you first set off on the path of becoming an entrepreneur, you probably did everything yourself. You had an idea, you took on the risk, you pursued your goals, and you were successful.

But the next stage of…

By Dan Sullivan

Building a successful brand is highly intentional, yet there’s still a level of magic involved to make it stick. Think about the queen today.

Yes, I mean Queen Elizabeth.

See, when I say “the queen,” you know I’m not talking about the queen of France, Russia, Thailand…

Dan Sullivan

World’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship in action. Co-founder and President of The Strategic Coach Inc. Find out more:

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